15 things

Here’s a list of random facts about me, so you as readers can get a glimpse of some of my life……

People sometimes have difficulty pronouncing my name. It means friendship.

I love to travel, and embrace roadtrips.

I laugh a lot. Mostly because I truly am that happy.

I am very loyal to my friends and will do almost anything for them.

I love the concept of the Ipod. Happiness on the go.

I’m willing to try anything and everything at least once even if it makes me nervous, because living in fear and not doing something might prevent you from having some of the best experiences in life.

I’m very organized and like to plan things ahead of time, but also can mix things up with some spontaneity.

In my book, the first impression is NOT the last impression. I believe in looking deeper to get to know someone.

I’d rather have quality over quantity any day – related to anything in life.

I love the outdoors. Mountains, beach, you name it.

I love the hustle and bustle of the big-city scene

I have a huge sweet tooth and many times eat my dessert first and then dinner, and then maybe dessert again.

As a child I read anything and everything I could get my hands on, even the cereal box, and that love for reading lives on.

I’m very careful about taking care of my health, because, no one else will.

Although email and the internet is wonderful technology, I adore getting snail-mail.


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