And so it is July 4th weekend, a weekend of grilling, enjoying outdoors and being with family and friends. Nonetheless I’ve enjoyed some time with very close friends this weekend and also some time to dive into some good reading, and it brought me to reflecting on past years and on the thought of personal independence.

As I get older, for some reason the years keep passing by quicker and quicker. I mean, where did the first half of 2010 go?! This is reason to enjoy them even more before they slip away. If I took a look at myself a year ago I would see someone completely different from who I am today, and what a good thing that is. Today, I’m much more comfortable in my single-dom, and much less hesitant of what others think, although I still always put my best foot forward. I’ve been able to explore more of my own interests because of it and it’s helped me grow in ways words cannot describe. I’ve been able to enjoy more the people in my life who truly care so that I can continue giving back to them as well, and knowing how to differentiate those who don’t—so I can take needed precautions. And that has me breathing a HUGE sigh of relief. Quite appropriately so, Happy Independence Day!


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