appreciate your priveledges

“You are entitled to food, clothing, shelter and medical attention. Anything else that you get is a privilege.”

I read this quote on the back of a gentleman’s T-shirt tonight, while reading another great book, “The Yes Factor” (which I’ll talk about later), at the bookstore.

It’s actually a quote from Alcatraz inmate rules and regulations, but in this tech-filled day and age of ipods, laptops, cell phones and television, if we just stepped away from all of that for a few minutes, it would be easy to realize how much this quote covers the basic necessities of survival.

I was able to embrace this concept in my recent trip to India, a trip I had not taken in seven years. Now don’t get me wrong, many metropolitan parts of India are also progressing to mimic the infrastructure and ways of the US, but in some rural parts and even otherwise, there’s still a lot of catching up to do.  I always love taking a trip to India because it forces me to take a step back and not have many of the comforts that I have in my home and makes me realize just how fortunate I am. Taking in the sights and sounds of the cities and being able to spend time with the extended family was a blessing.

So even if you don’t take a trip across the world any time soon, take a little time to enjoy and recognize the comforts of your life.


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