the sweetest sound

Dale Carnegie once said that a person’s name is the sweetest sound they are going to hear in any language. Now, my name, Sneha, is not the simplest name to say, and yes I’ve heard the many ways people goof it up, but it’s the one thing about me that I don’t want to change.  I’ve had situations where people have said they would find it too hard to pronounce my name and absolutely refused to try, and on the other side I’ve had positive experiences and an occasion where a dress tailor caught my name by accident without me even telling him directly.When a mere acquaintance can remember to call me by name, man oh man does it make my day!

Being able to remember names is a powerful tool anyone and everyone should have. It makes a good impression, helps in building powerful relationships on business and social levels, and builds a sense of respect between the people involved. Take the time to get to know AND remember people’s names. Do this regardless what level they are at…child,cafeteria worker, teacher or top executive, it does not matter. I’ve been offered free items just because I took the time to remember. Make the effort and it could pay off in big ways. Also know what to call them by. If they’re a top executive it might not be appropo to be on a first name basis with them. So know the situation and what is expected. If you’re having trouble, associate their name to a trait about them or a mnemonic device. Repetition is a huge helper in committing their name to your mind. Use it at the beginning of the conversation, in the middle, and at the end. Although this might seem awkward to you, it will do the trick. Don’t be afraid to ask someone again if you forget their name, it will show that you’re making the effort. Using these tips can help in building lasting relationships on any level. So what’s in a name? Possibly more than you could have ever imagined.


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