more time for…everything!

For about the past three weeks, my roommates and I have been living without cable ( and therefore no channels at all), something  we seem to have as a standard accessory in our lifestyle. Living without it has been REALLY nice.  This isn’t the first time I’ve lived without it, so I guess I’m accustomed to it and its not such a painful loss. Now, don’t get me wrong,  I do have a busy schedule, but I do enjoy a little down time with a few shows per week. The time and money saved by this cutback has been priceless.

It definitely has made space for more valuable goals and activities,  such as spending time with friends  and saving up towards future travel plans, that will improve my life. It lets me stay focused on what really matters, and I get a peace of mind  and sleep a little earlier and better with the quiet down time. I’m also happier that I can invest that money saved on other experiences that will have longer lasting effect than a 45 minute show with 15 minutes of ads ever will.  I’ve  signed up for some extra classes, doing some new volunteer work,   am training  for a  5K and have signed up with friends for a Hot Yoga class.   And I love the fact that my schedule has become busier with these and other activities. So instead of making that investment in a big screen tv and cable costs going through the roof, take that time and money to invest for your own good.


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