Leaving on a jet plane

I’m sitting at the local bookstore, jamming to the tunes of Sia’s “We are born” and I have just booked my plane tickets for Labor Day weekend…4 and a half days to visit some cousins here in the South. And I can’t wait. For those who know me, you know that I plan well in advance, and so this trip is a bit “last minute” if you an call it that–3 weeks planned ahead. So be it, there’s something about the whole travel experience–packing,  possibly talking to someone new and interesting on the flight(s),the stopovers in different cities, and of course the vacation itself— that I absolutely love!

Surprisingly so, I haven’t traveled as much this year as I did in past recent years.  On this trip I’ll be able to re-visit  family in one of the states I saw some amazing caves at when I was a child, and I’ll also be able to check off having visited yet another state on my list ( halfway done with the US).  It’ll be great just to get away from the same surroundings and have some major R&R time. Can’t wait!

On that note, check out this site I was reading on travel tips for women http://www.journeywoman.com/travel101/MakingFriendsontheOpenRoad.htm. Enjoy!

P.S. Anyone else have some exciting travel plans coming up?


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