What’s goin’ on

Hi everyone, I know I know I’ve been MIA for a whole month now but a lot has been going on…

I returned from my long weekend of visiting my cousins and sightseeing out in Kentucky/Missouri. One major site we checked out was  the Gateway Arch in St Louis–the tallest man-made monument in that area..  even though i loved the company of my little nephew, the weekend taught me how much I am in a good place in life right where I am today, single and independent, and able to focus on the things that really matter to me–family, friends, and my goals. Although it would be nice to settle down with someone, it made me realize there’s no need to rush it and I am truly  enjoying my life today just as it is.  Life changes a little when you have a companion, and then it changes even more when you add on a child and I’ll welcome those stages when time calls for it.

I trained for and ran my first ever 5K race with a couple of my friends. Yes I know this might be a considerably short distance ( 3.1 miles), but being a fitness fanatic that I am, I really wanted to push myself, so I allowed myself only 50 footsteps worth of walking through the whole race, majority just running. Those 37 minutes of running felt amazing, joined by hundreds of other female runners and I’m looking forward to moving on up in racing distances. This race benefited Interact, a group that supports women who have been victims of domestic violence and substance abuse. (http://www.interactofwake.org/)

sorry for being MIA and thanks for reading!


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