Heroic Fatality

I MUST tell you this true story.

A few weeks ago I had been told about a young man below the age of 40 from India who had only lived in the US for a few months. His wife, and two children ( ages 10 and 6)  joined him in the US, not knowing that they would share their last moments with him –1 whole day together in the US, to be exact.

On their first full day together, the family decided to enjoy time at the apartment pool. The older son was being the usual child and running around the pool when he slipped and fell into the deep end. Knowing that his child could not swim, the father jumped in the pool. However, the father also did not know how to swim. Several attendees of the pool jumped in to save the little boy and resuscitate him. These attendees did not realize that the father was also struggling silently in the pool—he  had a heart attack in the pool immediately after jumping in. It was little too late before the attendees realized what had happened to the father, and he spent the next entire week at the hospital in a coma. His extended family was rushed to the US and unfortunately the man was put on life support, and the plug was pulled soon after.

This true story sent chills up my spine as I heard it and any progressive details daily. The parental instinct and selflessness of  the father risking his life to save his sons’, only in the end to lose his own life just amazed me. Hopefully this story will make readers realize the importance of at least  three things: the value of living in the present because you may lose out at any moment, the value of being safe, and the value of constantly learning, whether its swimming, biking, self defense or anything else.

May the young man rest peacefully, for he will be a true hero to his sons.


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