my corporate education

Almost five years ago I entered the corporate world  to work for a start-up company.  As a naive young woman in her early 20’s,  I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I learned the ways of the working world, the corporate culture, and my responsibilities among other things. I’ve progressed a long way from where I was, thanks to many of my coworkers who helped me mature. Never would I have imagined that the on-the-job experience would offer more social and business advice than any book I’d read in my college years. Here are my top 10 things learned ( and still learning):

  • Learn to communicate well. You may have the chance to work with all levels of the organization.
  • Go the extra mile—take on extra responsibility, you never know what opportunity it may bring.
  • Find a way to make your interests known to others,without being boastful, especially if it means a chance for career growth.
  • Be positive—it’s so much easier and enjoyable to work with.
  • Leave your work life and social life separate.
  • Be thankful to everyone, no matter how they treat you.
  • Know your job well and keep learning. After all, you will spend the majority of your time in the week doing it.
  • Just keep going, whether the task is something you do or do not like, keep going because there may be something great around the way.
  • Be confident and politely stand your ground—whether its supporting your work or anything else, definitely know when and where to put your foot down.

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