Hurry Up and Wait!

A friend of mine from Michigan and I were recently catching up on the phone. Now this isn’t just any friend, it’s a very close one who I’ve known and kept in touch with since grade school—20 years and counting–whose wedding I will attend in the Spring. As usual we were reminiscing about old times and talking about how the time has just flown.  I mean really, its December 1, 2010 the day after tomorrow…. who ever thought this year itself would go by so fast? This made me think of how, when we were children, time almost stood still, and we were in such a rush and excited stupor to grow up, have jobs, and live the adult lifestyle….and now another year has almost passed us and some days we wish we could go back to the simplicity of playing at recess, or having our biggest worry be finishing our homework quick enough to watch our favorite tv shows. If I look at it overall, I’d prefer to stay in the present and continue building on the good way things have progressed. But just sometimes I wish I could go back to the swingset and slides and play all day.

Dear readers, do any of you wish you could go back in time or stay in the present?


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