Social Media for All Ages??

Social media, be it through Facebook, Twitter, or even blogging has taken over as a popular means of  communication today and anyone having an account through one or more of these sites has become commonplace.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m also a member of a few of these sites. It’s a quick and easy way to make connections, stay in touch and has several advantages to it, but is there any (age) limit to it?

At my lunch break today with a few coworkers, I learned that one of my coworker’s  friend’s children had joined the social media phenomenon and had opened an account on one of the sites—-at age 6. A SIX year old—on a  networking site that’s meant for much older age groups. This website is open to anyone young and old, and I’m well aware at how intelligent young children, even toddlers are these days with technology and gadgets. The idea that a six year old was able to set up an account on this site—or even the idea that her parents may have set it up for her and then connected on the site with her—makes my jaw drop.

Are the parents not aware of the cases of young children exposed through media who are then put in possible danger with complete strangers? I’m sure they have. Why should she have an account on the site at that age? Shouldn’t the parents have better judgment to keep their child’s life private instead of  making it public?  What were they thinking? What about setting some ground rules as the parent, and only letting the child be a child?

At age 6 (first grade) all I can remember thinking about is making sure my homework was done and watching tv and playing–just being a kid. My friends and I weren’t thinking about texting or getting online or seeing who added me as a friend on their site.

Dear parents, please set some ground rules and let your children be children. Dear children, don’t be in a hurry to grow up so fast.

What’s your view on this, do you think the parents were responsible for this, or that any age limit be set? Where do you draw the line?


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