Let go of the sand and keep the seashells

It’s day 5 of the Reverb10 Project:

photo credit - Iamchad

Let Go. What (or whom) did you let go of this year?

I’ve let go of so much…and the freedom feels oh-so-great.

I guess we all have these phases in life when we’re strong, then weak, then strong again. I went through a rough cycle this year and spent a lot of time in frustration. Frustration over time and energy spent on a toxic relationship. Challenges in my work. Sweating over the small stuff. But then I let go. I started reading more again, developing my own interests and restoring ME. I noticed that as soon as I had let go of those bothersome pieces, amazing things happened in my life. And I’m glad to be back in full force.

I’ve let go of:

  • self doubt
  • a few people and thoughts that restrain me from showing and doing my best.
  • letting small bumps in the road  and past events bother me so much

I’ve gained:

  • confidence and fierce stride
  • focus and clarity in who and what is most important in my life
  • better health
  • the ability to redirect my stress factors into productivity
  • THIS blog

Every time I feel I might be sliding, I think of this:

If I were to grab a handful of sand on the beach, there  would be a some sand not worth keeping. But there might be a few beautiful seashells in between worth holding on to.

photo credit - Mauren Veras

Keep the seashells.

How about you? What did you let go of this year?


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