“Make it work”

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It’s day Day 6 of the Reverb10 project and I am still so pleased with this project and the brilliant minds behind it. Still so much yet to come.

Make. What was the last thing you made? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it?

Each of the reverb10 writing prompts is created by a well-known author. Today’s question is from Gretchen Rubin, author of  The Happiness Project , a book that I read earlier this year. Gretchen spends each month of a year of her life focused on  improving a certain aspect ( love, family, relationships, etc). It’s a great read.

Today’s topic prompted me to think of yet another well known celebrity, Tim Gunn, from  Project Runway and his famous words “Make it work”.

Both encompassing two things I like to make all the time:

1 )to make people happy

and (no  matter what the situation is)

2) to make it work

Making people happy can be as simple as thanking them, remembering the things they enjoy, or giving them a phone call just because you thought of them. It can be remembering their name,  buying  them a present, helping them, making them laugh, or a multitude of other things. Some of these are monetary based, others have intrinsic value. I prefer giving the ones with intrinsic value because those are eternal.

Making it work , to me, means taking a look at what you have–materialistically or intangible– and doing well with it to bring progress, without complaining or seeking out more. One weekday afternoon in March of this year, a very close colleague of mine had his life turned upside down for the many months to follow. His teenage daughter and her best friend were hit by a car while they were crossing a busy intersection after school. My colleague’s daughter survived with several injuries, surgeries and  physical therapy yet to come–sadly her best friend was killed in the crash. Both young girls 14 years old at the time.  Although this young girl’s life was forever changed by the loss of her best friend and she needed time to repair especially physically and emotionally, I was amazed when I heard from my colleague at her progress and  how well she was dealing with it. Not one complaint about the newly placed permanent steel rod in her leg, or the small aches and pains she was having. Just a tough and resilient attitude that let her make it work, get through it, and get to the top of her class.

What’s your story on something you make?


One response to ““Make it work”

  1. Smiles, just smiles 🙂 What could be better than making people happy & making it work! It was both – sad to read about the young girl, and a testament to the human spirit. This was a touching post. Thank you.
    Tia #reverb10

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