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I’ll keep this one short and sweet. Day 7 of reverb10. One week of the project down.

This year I started blogging again, with a serious and consistent intent. I decided to join the “Twitter-verse” and “met” some pretty intelligent and creative hearts across the globe. All from various backgrounds, educations, and talents, they each have some valuable insight to share in their own blogging adventures.  I intend on continuing to build these relations, who knows, maybe meet these wonderful people someday soon! If you aren’t a member, but want to develop your passions and create an amazing community, I recommend you at least check it out.


2 responses to “Community

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  2. I agree; there are amazing people out there that I would never have met without Twitter and the interwebs. While I may never meet some of these people in real life, I’m blessed for having learned from them.

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