Party of the year

photo credit - D Sharon Pruitt (PinkSherbertPhotography)

Weddings are by far, my favorite social event to attend. This year I attended two: a March wedding of two local friends and a May wedding abroad of my cousin. Its day 9 of Reverb10 and today’s Party Prompt lets me share the best party I attended this year.   The March wedding I attended was right here in Raleigh, and our whole group was invited. Now for those of you who have not been to one, an Indian wedding is a multiple day event ( sometimes 3 to 4 days) with different ceremonies and festivities taking place each day. This couple decided to do the festivities in two days. On the first day they had the mehndi/sangeet. This is when  the bride, and women and children who attend the wedding can have henna drawn as a decoration on their hands and/or feet. The bride usually has both elaborately done.  It’s also the night when there  are  performances. The second day was the ceremony in the morning and the reception at night. The  wedding ceremony is long and elaborate as well and can take a few hours to complete. The reception was done at the Marriott downtown, filled with delicious food, dancing and enjoyment. Oh and of course tons of pictures. What could be better than a celebration joining two friends for a lifetime of happiness together!


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