The one with the meditation and the Buddhists

photo credit - h.koppdelaney

Wait! Two posts in one day? Yep–I’ve got lots to share today. So last night being Friday night, I decided to go to a 2 hour meditation session at Moving Mantra , a yoga and meditation center I’ve recently started going to. Most of the sessions here are free, donations welcome. With a hectic couple of weeks behind me and in the process of recovering from major lower back pain, I decided it was time I had one of those sessions. This time it was lead by two elderly Buddhist women, guiding our group of 15 attendees.  We all were invited to share what brought us there, or something about ourselves. It was so peaceful and relaxing that I fell asleep–a true sign for me that I had cleared my mind. What I enjoy about this center is that they have materials—blankets, body pillows, yoga blogs, to make the practitioner feel comfortable and you do what suits you during the session. if you haven’t tried meditation, it is a great way to gain clarity and just free your mind of the nitty gritty details.

For those who have tried meditation, what are some techniques you’ve enjoyed, your thoughts on meditation and yoga?


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