The focus points in your life

photo credit aussiegall

I’ve never really been a fan of the question, “So where do you see yourself (insert number here) years from now? Well, to be honest, where I see myself X number of years from now may not be where I actually will be, so I would rather work on today and the near future’s goals. I would much rather think, “What are some of the next goals I have in mind or things I want to explore?” Today’s Reverb10 prompt focuses on the word Action: what are some of the next steps you are taking in your life? So for 2011 and beyond, here are a few areas of my life that I’d like to develop further:




improving my writing




helping out more in the community



Having big dreams is great, but I think it’s more important to break down those dreams into smaller, manageable, and realistic goals, so that you can accomplish them. If you have the right resources and know some good people who can assist with your goals ( and maybe you can help with theirs), that’s even more beneficial.

What are some areas of YOUR life you would like to see grow and improve?

And for today, that’s all she wrote.


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