karma and the power of letting go

photo credit - Brad Stabler

Today’s Reverb10 asks ” What was the best thing you learned about yourself this past year?”

Two of the things I’ve most noticed are the good effects in my life from the power of letting go and the power of karma.

In any friendship or relation I have with people I always try to make sure things are at their best. If something goes wrong I always want to fix it till it’s right. But sometimes no matter how hard you try, some things can’t be fixed, and they are what they are. Even when it comes to things that might be bothersome. Someone says something or does something—but the more important thing is the reaction to the situation. Sometimes it’s just easier to let go. And sometimes Karma will do the work that’s needed. So no matter what happens it’s better to react in a positive way and do good. By letting things go  easily, I’ve noticed little blessings happening in my life. Maybe they were always there and I wasn’t allowing myself to notice them.That only tells me that the best is yet to come!


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