Free. Powerful. Self-created. Self-healing.

photo credit - MorBCN

Ever since I was a child I have loved, and I mean LOVED reading. Fiction, nonfiction, comics, news magazines,cereal boxes, you name it, I’d read it.  Okay, go ahead, call me a dork.I used to joke that the local bookstore had become my “second home”, and in some ways it had (and still has ) become my escape to a place of reading and relaxation, and maybe some good coffee and treats. Somewhere in between schooling and studying, the reading for fun slowed to a snail’s pace. In the last few years I’ve picked it up again in recent years to become the voracious reader I once was.  Today’s Reverb10 (day 19) asks What healed you this year? Sweet and simple. Reading for fun. Only this time, I’m not interested in fictional things  that much anymore. In fact, I stick to anything but that. Now it’s more focused to finance and fitness, health and yoga, personal development, humor, and other topics too. And in the midst of hearing word of mouth and reading a few interesting blogs, I’ve made a point to this year, and onward, keep track of the books I’ve read. In the process, I’ve gotten to know a few acquaintances a little better and improved myself. That’s been my source of healing for the ups and downs. Free. Powerful. Self-created.  Self-healing.

What’s your source of healing?


2 responses to “Free. Powerful. Self-created. Self-healing.

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  2. I can so relate to your love of reading! I have whiled away many an hour in the aisles of a bookstore. How amazing that you’ve been able to reconnect with your love of reading and that is a self-healing tool. I believe strongly that reading can be so transformational! Your post makes me believe it even more. Thanks for sharing.

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