A letter from my future self


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Today’s post is day 21 of  Reverb10. Favorite Googler and newfound friend Jenny Blake asks this brilliant question:

Future Self. Imagine yourself five years from now. What advice would you give your current self for the year ahead?

Dearest Sneha

From where I stand five years from now things look amazing and you have achieved so many of your goals, hopes and dreams. I want to tell you the following:

Let your personality shine – You’ve been told by some people that you’ve got a sweet n spicy personality. Let it show. Continue to be kind, appreciate and to love. Don’t hold back, and make sure you speak up when you need to, be it with friends or family or anyone else.

You are beautiful, just as you are. You have worked hard in fitness to be where you are at today. But don’t sacrifice injuring yourself just for the sake of being in shape. Learn to listen to your body and slow down if needed.Your body knows what it’s talking about. Take care of yourself-physically, mentally and emotionally.

Things get better – There may be some difficult or easy times ahead. Be what may, keep on working hard, being kind, and giving and you will reap some great rewards. Great things happen when they are least expected. You KNOW this and experienced it in 2010 many times. Even more exciting? The best is yet to come.

Don’t be so tough on yourself – You are not perfect. And that’s perfectly fine. Let yourself make those mistakes or achievements and take them for what they are. Stop over-thinking and over-analyzing. Forget the past mistakes, you are only stronger because of them–and at that time you were doing exactly what you wanted, so no regrets!

Enjoy the present – Soak up everything that’s happening right now, because the past is done and over with and the future is ridiculously bright.

Learn to ask for help when you need it – You are and always have been a strong and stubbornly independent lady. But it’s ok to be vulnerable sometimes and ask for help. Please do when you really need it-whatever the size of task  it is. People will be willing to help.

You might meet someone who will love you for you – When you do, embrace it and be open to it.Let your guard down.Take down that wall of fear— because you’ve met some amazing people who have blessed your life in so many ways and you will meet so many more when you least expect it. Please expect the unexpected.

Keep learning – You’ve always had a love of learning so be a sponge and continue to soak up every bit of knowledge that you possibly can from everywhere possible.

Travel as much as your life allows – You know you love it. You know it frees you. See the world– and stop worrying about how much it costs.It’s worth it. Every penny. Just remember the next time you want to order a nice drink at the coffee shop – that money deserves to go towards your future adventures to far off places. So save that precious hard earned money.

and last but not least….

Just keep laughing –You’ve always had a beautiful smile and hearty laugh and I hope you still got it woman!

One hundred  hugs  n kisses,


P.S.  As of March 2011, I hope you will have read Jenny’s new book cover to cover soon and shared the love.


2 responses to “A letter from my future self

  1. Sneha – I absolutely loved your letter. You hit on so many key areas! Loved this line: “You are not perfect. And that’s perfectly fine.” Yes!

    It’s amazing how wise we are when we channel our “inner selves.” And thank you so much for the kind words and book mention – you are the greatest!

    Happy Holidays, my dear 😀

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