Monday Morning Caffeine–MIT Open Courseware

photo credit - russelljsmith

For 2011, I’ve decided to start writing a feature called Monday Morning Caffeine, where I’ll share a link/website/book that that I’ve found to be unique, informative, or just plain interesting. Hopefully it will give you an extra *oomph* of shared knowledge to get you going/reading/thinking/exploring/whatever your heart desires “ing” on Monday. I’m not receiving any compensation for sharing these websites, nor am I connected to any of these sites. I just want to pass on information that I find useful.

Today I want to share the MIT Open Courseware website. I actually stumbled upon this website a few years ago, after I had completed my own college degree.

MIT OpenCourseWare is a free publication of MIT course materials that allows anyone to learn the material taught in typical college courses. A few things to keep in mind though while browsing this site.

  • It is not an MIT education.

  • You cannot get a degree or certification through the website.

  • The website does not provide access to MIT faculty.

What this site does do is provide open access to materials for anyone to learn the subject out of pure interest. I’ve read up on a few of the courses taught there myself and find it very informative. Hope you do too.


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