Is the office cubicle conducive to getting work done?

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This week 49 of the 50 States (lucky Florida) had some level of snowfall–some knee deep, blizzard worthy, and others in an ice storm. For those who work in a corporate office setting that possibly meant the option to work from home.

But is working away from your cubicle conducive to getting work done?

These days companies are a little more flexible in their work from home capability than they may have been previously. For those who work in more creative roles, it may not matter where they work. In fact, ideas might emerge while they’re on the go. However for those whose roles are restricted to and dependent on an office setting, they may have no choice.

reasons to love working at home

  1. no dress code – comfort while you work, alongside your cup of coffee/tea/etc.
  2. focus – really being able to concentrate on your work,  interruptions optional
  3. freedom – to work in the coffee shop, your living room, wherever you see most productive
  4. no commute – saving time, money and energy to increase your efficiency

reasons to love your cubicle

  1. camaraderie – being able to develop interactions with coworkers/potential friendships both in and out of the work setting
  2. structure – contradictory to point 3 above, some people just love and need structure.
  3. benefits – easier  ( and sometimes less expensive) to obtain while you work in the corporate world as opposed to on your own or as a contractor.
  4. constant learning – through the company of your coworkers/ daily situations

Personally I love being able to dress up in formal or casual and go to the office. It gives me the chance to interact with so many of my coworkers, to share our life’s ups and downs, and to learn work related and non work related lessons from a good range of experienced coworkers (I’m the youngest and only 4 years into my experience). I also love the structure that it gives—and working in the office gives me a chance to truly appreciate the very rare days that I can work from home.

What do you think? Is it better to have the structured cubicle workplace or a location independent option? What are some of your reasons for either category?


One response to “Is the office cubicle conducive to getting work done?

  1. I have the option to work in the office or from home. At first I thought I’d hit the jackpot with this flexibility in my job! But after 3 days of working from home I decided I needed the socialization and routine of going in to the office. Mind you, when I work from home, I am slightly more productive. And I tend to work longer hours because I’m already home and have no bus to catch. And I have a 2-hour commute every day to work, so eliminating that is pretty darn attractive. BUT at the end of the day, I really do enjoy coming in to the office, socializing with my colleagues, upping my visibility with the executives, and having that structured routine so I don’t get into the rut of never putting on makeup and never getting out of my slippers and pyjamas.

    BTW, love your blog already!! Thanks for the mention on Twitter – glad you found me so I could find you! 🙂

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