“That change will do you good”

special thanks to Michelle


Take a look at the diagram above, quite simple, isn’t it? Easy steps to take to get what most people want more of  – happiness. The ability is with you and you only. Sure, some say money, friends, a good job, a significant other, or materialistic things make them happy. What if you took all of that away? Or what if things weren’t going as you thought they would in those parts of your life?  Would you still be able to make yourself happy? Or would you spend time pointing fingers and saying it was someone or something else that caused the downfall? Maybe it’s meant to happen that way so you can grow and learn from it. Or maybe your frame of thought needs to change.

Whether it’s a job, relationship, or any other situation that might make us unhappy– it’s only temporary and it will only last however long you allow it to. That’s right. You are the one permitting your own happiness.

So do something. Change something.  You can be happy.

Just give yourself permission and go for it.

Special thanks to Michelle for the diagram above.  You should read her young, fresh, writing here.


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