Have To vs. Get To

The past few weeks have been overwhelmingly busy, with the daily grind, training a new teammate, having a friend reunion and road trip, preparing for a few more trips, and welcoming new activities into my life. It’s been a good busy. How many times do we stop  and say ” Oh I have to do this, that and the other, I just don’t have the time.”  C’mon, we all have the time, it just depends on how we utilize it. Take the time to slow down if possible, or make room for what’s needed.

For example, if you find yourself thinking ” I have to drive a long way to work”.

Instead, try to think about what you can do in that time. ” I might get to listen to a good audiobook, music, or the news and learn something during that long drive.”


“I have to run errands today and will have no down time.” Turn that into “I get to run errands today so I can be free to enjoy my time tomorrow”.

These are just a few examples of many.  Take the time to turn your “have to’s ” into “get to’s” so you can change your obligations into opportunities and your negatives thoughts into positive vibes.


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