Taking the plunge

photo credit - garyt70

Summer has blanketed the city with its almost unbearable warmth, and in the heat of it all, some major changes are just around the corner. I’m taking the plunge.

No, no, no I’m not talking about “happily ever after”.

What I do mean is that I’m taking action on things I’ve meant to do, things I’ve been hesitant on, but for which I know now is a better time than ever. Thing for which I’ve shifted my reasoning to a different view. This year has been phenomenal so far, filled with travel almost every month, family additions,  friendships new and old, positivity and happiness.  Change is the only constant, and it’s something I have always welcomed.  I’m making a major move in my life, literally, from one place to another, a hop, skip, and jump away from where I currently am. It’s several weeks away, and I know it will be here soon. I’m hoping with this move will come new opportunities, friendships, and better lifestyle.

Before I had decided on this particular change, I challenged myself multiple times with all the “What If’s”. Sometimes we let our thoughts get the best of us, even when we truly know what we are capable of having and doing, and that it is absolutely okay to take that plunge because it might actually benefit us in the bigger picture.  I had many What If’s that were focusing on the challenges I might face. Instead I turned them around to be focused on the beneficial parts that may come from the challenge. After all, everything comes with a risk, and many things can be a matter of just taking a chance.

So I challenge you to do the same. Dive right in. For whatever you have in mind. Whether it’s developing new friendships, moving households, hitting the “publish” button on that new piece of writing,  or learning a new skill. Take the chance and make a few waves in what may currently be still waters.

What challenges or goals have you held back on? How are you moving away from it to make it work?


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