Apples, oranges, and the only thing that matters.

Family.GradSchool.Passions.College.Dreams.Children. Happiness.Careers.Fitness.Friends.Rejections. Commitment. Finances. Responsibilities.Acceptances. Love.Hopes.Fears.Mortgages.Loans.Salaries..and much, much more.

We all have some, if not all of the following as a part of our lives. But there’s something missing. Something that helps us with all of the above.


The most important piece off the life puzzle that we often forget about or push aside for the sake of feeling that everything else is more important. It’s not.¬†Without good health, everything else seems small and insignificant. Personal health may not be 100 percent in our control, but what we have control of is taking care of ourselves as best we can. With that said, I’ll leave you with this piece courtesy of

Steve Jobs Stanford University commencement speech

Rest In Peace Steve Jobs. What a brilliant man who, despite his health condition, left remarkable footprints and changed the way the world works.


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