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Turning back the clock… or not


glasses of chocolate milk turned into coffee mugs to go.

waking up for cartoons changed to early morning meetings and deadlines.

getting an allowance turned to balancing budgets and bills.

driver’s ed allowed for our daily commute

trying to stay up past our bedtime turned to pressing the snooze button for more sleep.

playing house isn’t playing house anymore.

when we wish we could turn back the clock

that’s when you know you’re an adult…. or maybe still a child at heart.

Life is a celebration…even when it’s over

Earlier this year I attended the funeral of a coworker’s family member who had lost the battle to cancer. I haven’t attended too many funerals , and definitely not one as celebratory as this one. It was at a Southern Baptist church and yes, the mood was somber for all who attended, tears were shed, tissue boxes were emptied, but in turn in was also a celebration of this young woman’s life and of the blessing of life itself. It was a beautiful reminder of how precious and quick life is. It’s amazing how the perspective of a loss is different, culture to culture. In my culture, this event is more somber, and formal. Whereas the one we attended was full of song and uplifting thoughts, rejoicing that the young woman no longer had to suffer through her battle, in praise of a higher power.

Apples, oranges, and the only thing that matters.

Family.GradSchool.Passions.College.Dreams.Children. Happiness.Careers.Fitness.Friends.Rejections. Commitment. Finances. Responsibilities.Acceptances. Love.Hopes.Fears.Mortgages.Loans.Salaries..and much, much more.

We all have some, if not all of the following as a part of our lives. But there’s something missing. Something that helps us with all of the above.


The most important piece off the life puzzle that we often forget about or push aside for the sake of feeling that everything else is more important. It’s not. Without good health, everything else seems small and insignificant. Personal health may not be 100 percent in our control, but what we have control of is taking care of ourselves as best we can. With that said, I’ll leave you with this piece courtesy of

Steve Jobs Stanford University commencement speech

Rest In Peace Steve Jobs. What a brilliant man who, despite his health condition, left remarkable footprints and changed the way the world works.

Taking the plunge

photo credit - garyt70

Summer has blanketed the city with its almost unbearable warmth, and in the heat of it all, some major changes are just around the corner. I’m taking the plunge.

No, no, no I’m not talking about “happily ever after”.

What I do mean is that I’m taking action on things I’ve meant to do, things I’ve been hesitant on, but for which I know now is a better time than ever. Thing for which I’ve shifted my reasoning to a different view. This year has been phenomenal so far, filled with travel almost every month, family additions,  friendships new and old, positivity and happiness.  Change is the only constant, and it’s something I have always welcomed.  I’m making a major move in my life, literally, from one place to another, a hop, skip, and jump away from where I currently am. It’s several weeks away, and I know it will be here soon. I’m hoping with this move will come new opportunities, friendships, and better lifestyle.

Before I had decided on this particular change, I challenged myself multiple times with all the “What If’s”. Sometimes we let our thoughts get the best of us, even when we truly know what we are capable of having and doing, and that it is absolutely okay to take that plunge because it might actually benefit us in the bigger picture.  I had many What If’s that were focusing on the challenges I might face. Instead I turned them around to be focused on the beneficial parts that may come from the challenge. After all, everything comes with a risk, and many things can be a matter of just taking a chance.

So I challenge you to do the same. Dive right in. For whatever you have in mind. Whether it’s developing new friendships, moving households, hitting the “publish” button on that new piece of writing,  or learning a new skill. Take the chance and make a few waves in what may currently be still waters.

What challenges or goals have you held back on? How are you moving away from it to make it work?

Monday Morning Caffeine: 100 days of real food

photo credit - mattb4rd

We’re halfway through the first month of 2011, the gyms are packed, people have started (or dropped) working on their new year’s resolutions. For some, their resolution involves dieting, getting a gym membership, or eating healthier. I’m a health food  and fitness fanatic myself and that lead me to today’s Monday Morning Caffeine.   100 days of real food is a project through which Jason and Lisa Leake of Charlotte, NC recorded their adventure of eating healthier with their two young children. Like some of us vowing to change our eating habits, they too wanted to shift to a lifestyle of eating unprocessed, natural foods. One family. Two Kids. Zero processed foods.

How about you? Do you believe in making resolutions? If so, have you kept yours? Have you committed to a healthy eating lifestyle? What tips do you have?

What’s on your life list?

photo credit - Pranav Singh

“Do or do not, there is no try”

I’m not sure I believe in saying you “tried to do something”…unless it’s eating a new food….

either you do or you don’t.

That being said, there are many things I would like to DO in the years ahead, which leads me to my life list/bucket list.

Today’s Reverb10 asks what would I like to try doing in 2011. Here’s a list of some of the things I’ve done so far and would like to do in the years ahead.

  • Start and finish a 365 day photography project.
  • Travel all 50 states (21 as of December 2010)
  • Become yoga certified
  • Buy a best friend her airline ticket for a vacation we take together. (March 17, 2011)
  • Travel around Europe
  • Parasailing
  • Travel to Australia and New Zealand
  • See the Great Barrier Reef
  • start a school
  • go on a safari in Africa
  • See a movie at an outdoor movie theater
  • Learn to salsa dance (2009)
  • Have a sample of my photography published in  a book/magazine
  • Go sailing
  • Go to a laughter yoga session
  • Go on a yoga retreat
  • Whitewater rafting (June 11-13, 2010)
  • Visit Mauritius
  • Live in a foreign country for 1 month minimum
  • Skydiving
  • Run a 5k race (September 25, 2010)
  • Run a marathon
  • Get married
  • Have children
  • Cross country roadtrip
  • Ride in a hot air balloon
  • Take a helicopter tour (Maui, 2007)
  • Volunteer abroad (Queretaro, Mexico March 2006)
  • Visit NYC
  • See at least one broadway show in NYC
  • Watch a Cirque de Soleil show
  • Learn how to Tango
  • Go on a blind date
  • Have a spa day
  • Pay for a trip for a friend ( March 2011)

What’s on your life list?

Appreciation during the holidays and everyday

photo credit - clevercupcakes

“You are entitled to food, clothing, shelter and medical attention. Anything else that you get is a privilege.” — Alcatraz rules and regulations

So today after 8 hours of work, I drove home guarded from the blustery cold , took my wool coat and sneakers off, turned the heat on, started cooking dinner and here you are reading what I’ve written.

Did that sound mundane and monotonous to you? Did you stop reading?

Well maybe you shouldn’t stop just yet because I love that I could do those things.  Today’s Reverb10 prompt is so appropriate during this holiday season and also for every day. Day 14: Appreciate What’s the one thing you have come to appreciate most in the past year? How do you express gratitude for it?

It wouldn’t be fair to narrow down my appreciation to just one thing, because I am blessed with so much, and I’m not even talking about materialistically. I’m focusing on the non-materialistic and most of the time, free aspects. Sure life may have its ups and downs, but those are the parts that make us stronger and make us realize that what we already have, is precious. Here are a few ( and most important) portions of  my appreciation:

the basic necessities I have access to –food, water, and shelter

my family and the way I was raised

my friends, near and far

my health

my education

me–flaws and strengths both

belief in a higher power

complete strangers and their kindness

the ability to give back to the community

life and all of its challenges and rewards

It’s so easy for us to look at the details our life doesn’t have, but really we should stop and take a moment. How do I express gratitude for what I have? Well for one, every time I think I’m in a bad situation, I hold myself back from whining and complaining, and  I stop and think–conditions could be much worse, but they aren’t. I’m lucky to have what I do have and to be in the place that I am–even if it might be a rough spot at the time. I also make the time to give back and be thankful for all that I have.

How about you?